Placing an Order for another Company


You must be Authorized to create an Order on behalf of the intended Company. Your Runbuggy support contact can work with you to establish this authorization.

Step 1: Retrieve the Authorized Company

You’ll need their ID to place the Order.


Step 2: Create Order with other Payer

Create Order using the authorized company as the payer.

Request to Create Order for Company with the ID 7b34ba14-1f7a-4492-9fd7-4bef02ad6256:

  "notes": "These are the orders for Ed's lot.",
  "type": "BASIC",
  "vehicleTransferOrders": [
      "directions": {
        "pickup": {
          "address": "4884 E Butler Ave, Fresno, CA 93727"
        "dropoff": {
          "address": "10050 N Metro Pkwy E, Phoenix, AZ 85051"
      "vehicle": {
        "vin": "KL4CJHSB3EB688122"
      "payer": {
        "id": "7b34ba14-1f7a-4492-9fd7-4bef02ad6256",
        "type": "DEALER",
        "name": "Acme Auto World"

Specify the payer for every vehicle.